James L. Parrish ran and operated 2 record labels in the mid 90’s to early 00’s. He then solely focused on producing, engineering and mastering music for many artists. One of these artist that will stick out, also gave him his alias “JPeezy”. He gained this name from Grammy Nominated songwriter and DJ, Mad Skillz. Together they recorded,  mixed, and mastered the very first “Rap Up” in 2002, which continues to be a signature holiday release for more than 10 years. That same year he linked back up with Skillz producing a track with Underground West Coast Legend, Ras Kass, for an alleged overdue collab and produced “Six Figures” as Producer, alias Trackula, for Maddgame(dot)com Records. The song was sampled by J. Dilla on five songs from his Legendary “Donuts Album” in 2006.  Now Licensed through "Stones Throw Records”, Jpeezy is credited as part of the album. Of which included "Workinonit" Featured on Dave Chappelle Pays Homage to J Dilla's Workinonit in the Intro of Dave's New Netflix Special "Best Comedy Album Grammy 2018!


Throughout the years, his talents have had him working with hip hop artists, to pop and even some rock artists. Most notable is owning Alias Music, Inc. and MaddGame(dot)com, Inc., Record Labels, whom he was the CEO. Projects featured other producers and artists such as The Bedroom Wizard, Mad Skillz, Ras Kass, King Doom and Champion Supreme/Hydyus, S.I.D. Reynolds (The Superiors Music Group), Banky Staxxx, $KMO$ (Hip Hop Stick Up), King Marlo, Big Nat, Chelsea Davis, Drew Skez, U Star N.I.Q.U.e., Dif the God, Pitbullsonacid, Lil Ronnie, Josef X-Plosiv, Mic Source, Born Unique, Nick Fury a.k.a. Nickelus F, SD 1, Qwasian, Ashton Pulizzi (United Kingdom) and many more.


Most recently JPEEZY STUDIOS executed a Publishing deal with Brian Kimothy Beggs of Pitbullsonacid.   He mixed and Mastered their new release called  "Junior by Pitbullsonacid", released on August 14, 2020. Also,  JPeezy produced a song called “DEDICATED” by U Star N.I.Q.U.e released on February 19, 2020!   JPEEZY most recently mixed and mastered the award winning song called "Italian Drip by Ashton Pulizzi!  JPEEZY continues to work with The Bedroom Wizard, Big Fence, Dope Beat Radio Show, Block Party Music, Ent. (Atlanta, GA) and Get Busy Entertainment (NYC) on several projects.

Jpeezy Jpeezy is currently providing Consultation and Production for Billboard #1 charting artist and producer p.k.a. MEGN @therealmegn , of New York, NY. "MEGN, THE ALBUM", coming soon!   Brockett Parsons @brockettparsons, Keys for @ladygaga co-inventor of ThePianoArc, and more!

JPeezy’s resume is extensive and very credible. When asked what are his goals, “To spread love and joy throughout the World by producing music"!  

Developing decentralized Crypto Currencies, NFT's, and Metaverse assets.  Consulting for NFT.  Metaverse, and blockchain Artist integration.  

"I love producinng, mixing, and mastering great songs" JP

DM for inquiries.


MEGN Coming Soon!